The “Would You Rather?” Game

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The “Would You Rather?” Game

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The “Would You Rather?” Game

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Ab 9,99 €/Monat nach dem Testzeitraum. Jederzeit kündbar.

The “Would You Rather?” Game

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A fun and sexy game that can lead to much more. Use this book to explore your desires and learn about yourself and your partner, or just have a laugh!

Let’s face it; sometimes we don’t do a great job of communicating their sexual fantasies, desires, and intimate needs. Maybe the topic feels awkward, or just never comes up, and so the conversation never happens. This game is going to help you explore your sexuality in a way that you never have before. These "hot or not" questions are not only informative and educational, they are funny and entertaining as well. Get off and get your kicks at the same time.

No confusing rules. Simple and quick to get started (though you may not finish playing...).

Nothing could be easier: open the book, read the question out loud, and everyone has to answer - no exceptions or passes!

Hot or not: being slathered in oil from head to toe? Hot or not: using sex toys on each other? Hot or not: blindfolds and earplugs? Hot or not: choking or being choked? Hot or not: dominance and/or submission?

Just answer honestly, don't judge, and experiment!

Escape the same sex routines and break the ice in any situation: romantic getaways, wild parties, dates, and even road trips.

This isn't just a fun game, it's amazing for your sex life. You'll talk about topics and kinks you never thought about before! Do you dare? Spice things up, or re-kindle the desire in your relationship. Turn the same ol' sex routine into something mindblowing. Quickly get past barriers and communicate like a sexual pro.

The “Would You Rather?” Game ist als e-Book verfügbar.

  • E-Book

    Erscheinungsdatum : 2020-10-07

    Sprache: Englisch

    Verlag E-Book: PublishDrive

    ISBN E-Book: 6610000273935

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